Japan to get blue PS3 in November along with Gran Turismo 5

Here in the US you can buy cool blue controllers for the PS3, but we are stuck with plain black color for our PS3s. Gamers over in Japan will get a cool Blue PS3 that matches those blue controllers we get there in the US starting on November 3.

The blue PS3 will launch along with Gran Turismo 5, which will be one of the best games on the PS3 this holiday season. The blue PS3 will be bundled with the Gran Turismo game and will be called the Gran Turismo 5 Racing Pack. That bright blue hue sprayed on the PS3 is Titanium Blue and will sell for the equivalent of $421.

The bundle will sport a 160GB HDD and the Gran Turismo 5 game will be the Limited Edition version sporting five DLC cars and a 308-page book. There is no word on if this special bundle will come to the US or not.