Asus lowers netbook shipment estimates, points finger at iPad

Asus has lowered the shipment expectations for its popular line of netbooks. It seems that the iPad and its massive popularity has put a crimp in sales for Asus. I am sure that Asus isn't the only company that feels the impact of the iPad.DigiTimes reports that Asus lowered goals for Q3 to 1.4 million units. The announcement came from CEO Jerry Shen on an investors call held August 13. Asus also announced during the call that decline in shipments of motherboards, notebooks, and netbooks for Q2 resulted in a decline in earnings compared to the previous quarter.

Asus is set to get into the tablet market itself with an Eee Note and Eee Pad machines coming soon. How those machines will stack up against the iPad is unknown, but they will have to be very good to compete.