Stream TV set to launch eLocity A7 7-inch Android mobile tablet on August 24

Stream TV Networks is set to toss its own iPad competitor onto the market packing in Android OS and the ability to play mobile TV shows. The new tablet will sport a 7-inch screen and will measure in at 8.2" x 4.8" making for a portable device to take on the road. The tablet is called the eLocity A7.

The company says that the tablet will be offered in a wide range of retail outlets starting on August 24 for pre-order at an undisclosed price. The tablet runs Android, which should mean that it will be able to access the internet and download apps from the Android Market.

The company is withholding the detailed specifications on the tablet until the 24th when the unit hits pre-order status. All we really know right now is that it runs Android and has a 7-inch screen.