PS Jailbreak hacks your PS3 for playing backup games via USB

Hacking game console like the PS3 and Xbox to be able to play backup games is nothing new. Typically, it involves opening up your console though and soldering in new chips to make things work. That also means you lose your warranty.

A new unlock solution that is designed to let you play your games off the PS3 HDD has been unveiled called PS Jailbreak. The new jailbreak solution doesn't require you to open your PS3 up and keeps your warranty intact.

The whole solution is software based and is launched with a GUI when you insert a USB drive into the USB port on your console. The unlock also lets you play homebrew apps and games right off any other USB device as you want. The unlock works with all PS3 models including the older fat consoles. Note that the website of the manufacturer seems to be having issues, the site has been up and down this morning.