RIM BlackPad to Feature New OS Built by QNX Software Systems

For the Canadian-based Research In Motion, the release of the BlackBerry Torch on AT&T was meant to signify a departure from the norm that RIM has been so connected to over the years. And while the Torch, and its Operating System (BlackBerry 6), may indeed be different for the company as a whole, it wasn't as revolutionary as many thought it would be. Perhaps that change is coming in their first tablet endeavor, the BlackPad, with the latest rumors suggesting that RIM isn't going to use BlackBerry 6, but instead go a different route.

Three separate sources have confirmed to Bloomberg that RIM is indeed going to allow their recent purchase of QNX Software Systems dictate the future of their tablet device. The rumors suggest that the new Operating System will be built from the ground-up specifically for the BlackPad, and won't be any kind of upscale on previous OS versions. While many thought RIM would just use BlackBerry 6 for the tablet, as it is optimized for touchscreen devices, apparently some legacy code in the fledgling OS makes that more difficult than it is worth.

The 9.7-inch tablet device, featuring a brand new Operating System, means that Research In Motion is treading into relatively unknown waters, and they're planning on making a significant splash. Is this the change that RIM lovers have been waiting for? What about those shareholders? Only time will tell. But, hopefully that November announcement is true.

[via Bloomberg]