RIM BlackPad Announced in November, Still Called BlackPad

Well, there you have it. Just a couple of days ago RIM was outed for landing the BlackPad domain name. And while we were secretly hoping that they were just securing a name for name's sake, if these new rumors from unnamed sources are to be believed, then it looks like the folks up there in Waterloo have chosen their company's first tablet's name. And yes, it's the BlackPad.

Speaking to Bloomberg, these unnamed sources also revealed that the 9.7-inch tablet won't be revealed come this August 3rd, but will actually be unveiled and announced this November. However, the due date for retail availability is still up in the air, and the sources couldn't divulge any details in that regard. And, just as we've heard in the past, the tablet will indeed feature built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. Still, the name means a lot — is BlackPad where RIM should take their first tablet?

[via Bloomberg]