SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: December 6 2010

Welcome to the world, Nexus S and Android 2.3 Gingerbread! We've been expecting you! Check out our full collection of Gingerbread and Nexus S posts below. Then have a nice read courtesy of Philip Berne, a column by the name of [A Cartoonish Way to Prevent Cruelty]. Feel free to have a glance at our [Acer Aspire 5745DG review] and switch over to the new Facebook profile with a simple [CLICK]. After that, you can press the "like" button on our [Parrot AR.Drone review] and figure out [Which is better: Short or long video games?] with a column by Don Reisinger. All this and MORE on SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up!

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Swype Beta for Android Gets A New Update

CyanogenMod 6.1 Now Available For Update

White iPhone 4 to be Launched in Spring 2011?

Windows Phone 7 Gets Cut and Paste

Android Community

Nexus S Review and Rundown by TechCrunch

Nexus One Owners: Have You Received Gingerbread Yet? [Update: Not for a Few Weeks]

Android 2.3 SDK Officially Released

Samsung W899 is twin Super AMOLED touchscreen clamshell

Google eBookstore launches with new eBook Reader for Android

ZDNet outlines the top Android phones

Big day for Android today says Notion Ink, NFC suspected

NOOKcolor Android 2.2 Froyo hack revealed [Video]

DK28 Froyo Test Build for Epic 4G


Nexus One Gingerbread OTA Update Due in a Few Weeks

BenQ DV S11 Camcorder Breaks Cover, Features Pico Projector Built-In

A Cartoonish Way to Prevent Cruelty

Google Nexus S official [FEATURED]

Acer Aspire 5745DG [REVIEW]

Sprint Network Vision will combine 3G/4G base-stations, boost voice/data/PTT

Verizon may pay Apple to lock out T-Mobile/Sprint iPhone tips analyst

Tony Hawk rides 630hp V8-powered skateboard

AT&T worst US carrier claims Consumer Reports

Low-bandwidth Skype custom app created for UN Refugee aid workers [Video]

FedEx expects to ship 16 million packages on December 13

Rear view cameras to become standard on just about all Ford cars

Verizon announces the first cities to get LTE service

Chinese netbook rips off Dell duo and Sony Vaio P

December 13 may be launch day for Mac App Store

World's largest floating Christmas tree on display in Rio de Janeiro

New Facebook profile: Switching is super-simple

Cyber Monday was big, rest of week softened

OnLive and Vizio planning Netflix rival services tip insiders

$25 iPhone 4 at Radio Shack after discount & trade-in deals

AOL considers Yahoo! deal after potentially ditching dial-up

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab unlimited messaging restored after websales glitch

Apple credit card secrecy driving magazine publishers away

"Apple City" campus plans tip Norman Foster as designer

Facebook Profile Changes Rolled Out Today

Parrot AR.Drone [REVIEW]

Which is better: Short or long video games? [COLUMN]

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