Rear View Cameras To Become Standard On Just About All Ford Cars

There are so many new safety features on vehicles today that we didn't have a few years ago that it's amazing. A few years back only one of the high-end vehicles came from the factory with rear view cameras. These cameras make it easy to see what's behind you to help when backing up and to prevent children from getting hurt.

These cameras are perfect if you have neighbors with kids that are not that bright. My neighbor's kids will not only walk behind a moving vehicle but they will stand there staring at the car as you try to back out. One of them walked behind a Ford car I was testing a few weeks ago and just stood there in my driveway watching me inch closer to them without saying a word. If it weren't for the rear view camera on the car I don't even want to think what would have happened.

Ford has announced that it has completed the roll out of a rear view camera option on just about all of the models in its lineup. There have also been some rumblings lately that in the next few years rear view cameras will be mandatory on all new vehicles. Ford's rear view camera system will be on almost all of its line by 2011. The system will be on most pickups, vans, and crossovers from Ford and the image from the camera will be viewable on the rear view mirror or the navigation system screen.