MWC 2012 Tablet Pre-Show Rundown

As we march closer and closer to the biggest all-mobile show of the year all the way over Barcelona, Spain, we've started to see the wave of tips, leaks, and previews roll in – and while our MWC 2012 Smartphone pre-show rundown may have more devices than we know what to do with already, tablets certainly wont be left out in the cold. What we've got for you here is a full rundown of everything we've heard that's worth mentioning on the tablet front – worth mentioning, of course, since there's nothing like a cheapo tablet to ruin your otherwise awesome trip to Spain!

Just as we did in the smartphone rundown, it's important to mention that ASUS plans on bridging the gap once again with the ASUS Padfone – a smartphone with a tablet-like dock for twice the fun! Next there's NEC with some tablet-like devices with dual-screens and everything! There's a bit of the ol' Huawei MediaPad 10 heading our way complete with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich under the hood. We're almost certainly going to see several new NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core tablets even though the quad-core smartphone will be the focus of the week.

There's word that Neonode will be bringing multitouch to the next level with multi-sensing technology for tablets (and perhaps for smartphones as well, why not?) To compete fairly directly with the "what is it?" device from Samsung called Galaxy Note, LG Optimus Vu will be bringing the in-between heat. RIM refuses to stay out of the spotlight as it brings PlayBook OS 2.0 to their one tablet solution, the BlackBerry PlayBook. And Samsung says, wait a second, we might as well release another sized device, we've almost got them all – lets drop a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1!

HTC also supposedly has a HTC Tegra 3 tablet in the works, but this seems less likely than most rumors, just so you know. Stay tuned with all the tablet news in the world with our [tablet portal] or head down to our [Mobile World Congress 2012 portal] to stick with us for everything mobile at the world's biggest mobile main event of the year!