Matt Milano

Kentucky, USA
Tech, Privacy, Security, Encryption, Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, MacOS
  • Matt has over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, as a software developer, entrepreneur, and a writer.
  • Matt has written thousands of articles covering the tech industry, with a special focus on privacy, security, Apple products, and cloud computing.
  • In addition to tech and news coverage, Matt has ghostwritten fiction and non-fiction books for clients throughout the US.


Matt Milano is a writer whose work has appeared in WebProNews, HiTechEdge, AppleInsider, and more. Matt comes from a development background, having written the program U.C. Berkeley uses to analyze Hubble Telescope images, as well as email and accounting software. Passionate about privacy and security, Matt enjoys keeping up with the latest trends, threats and breakthroughs, especially in a world that is becoming more dependent on the cloud.
Stories By Matt Milano