Ford Releases 3D Printing Templates For Maverick Accessories

Ford has released 3D printing templates for its Maverick pickup truck, giving owners the ability to customize their vehicle to their liking and adding an innovative option for DIY creators who want to make custom accessories.

The Maverick is Ford's latest pickup truck and a major departure from much of the market. Instead of a $50,000 or $60,000 vehicle that can tow 11,000+ pounds, the Maverick comes by default with a hybrid drivetrain and starts at just $19,995. This base model has a much more modest 2,000-pound towing capacity unless the buyer chooses the 4K Tow PackageĀ option, in which case towing capacity increases to 4,000 pounds. If the customer sticks with the hybrid drivetrain, however, the Maverick can achieve 40 mpg.

In addition to its low price and outstanding fuel economy, another major feature is the ability to customize the interior to match the owner's needs thanks to the Ford Integrated Tether System (FITS).

Ford FITS And 3D Printing

Ford FITS is designed to let the owner take control of the interior of their truck, offering slots in the center console, as well as the under-seat storage bins. These slots are compatible with Ford Accessories, already giving users a measure of control over how they use these spaces.

Where the integrated tether system really shines, however, is by providing owners with a way to create custom accessories using 3D printers.

"Using your own 3D printer or a third-party service, you'll be able to design accessories to use with FITS that fit your needs, meaning the options are endless to make your Maverick pickup your own," writes Ford.

The company has released 3D printing files for both the center console and under-seat storage, providing an easy way for owners to dip their feet into customization options. Some creators are even selling 3D printing templates and printed accessories on eBay and Etsy.

We praised the Maverick for its refreshing honesty, as it's a model that's clearly a different take on the average pickup. Ford FITS is one of its most honest features, giving owners the ability to use their vehicle the way they want.