Reddit Talk Gets A Major Upgrade With New Features

Reddit Talk has received a major upgrade, gaining several new features that will help users take full advantage of what the service has to offer. The new features will also help the company continue to drive user engagement at a critical time in its growth, as the company prepares to go public.

Reddit has been posting significant growth rates, far outstripping those of its rivals. At the end of 2020, the company reported its daily active users had risen 44% over the previous year, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Like many social media companies, Reddit has been working to adapt to newer rivals, most notably Clubhouse. The fledgling company took the social media world by storm with its small, invite-only audio chats. Reddit Talk is the company's answer, giving moderators the ability to engage in audio chats with members of their groups.

Reddit Talk's New Feature

One of the biggest new features in this round of updates is the ability to record Talks. This is particularly useful for those who want to tune in, but can't make a live Talk. With this new feature, a user will be presented with a recording of the Talk when they visit a past live session post.

Improved web support is another major upgrade. Previously, only users of the Reddit app could fully participate, such as raising their hands and engaging in the discussion. Similarly, moderators could only mute individuals and remove participants from the stage using the app. With this round of updates, both features are now available via the website.

As a way to increase engagement, Reddit Talk will now allow viewers to comment in real time, as well as use emojis to express themselves.

The final major update is an improved discovery option. The company says some users had complained that it was hard to find Talks they might be interested in. Now, when users are browsing topics and communities they care about, a live bar at the top will recommend similar Talks they may enjoy.

Overall, the new features are a significant improvement to the service, and should help redditors and moderators alike make better use of the platform.