Amazon Fire Phone: not the Android you’re looking for

Chris Burns - Dec 22, 2014, 11:27am CST
Amazon Fire Phone: not the Android you’re looking for

As early as this Friday you’ll begin to see an update on the Amazon Fire phone that’ll bring new functionality to several key features. You’ll get artwork recognition via Wikipedia, you’ll get “Best Shot” for ideal photo taking, and you’ll get better battery life. Is this the update set Amazon intends to use to sell the rest of their stock of this phone whose launch was utterly blunder-full? Not likely. Instead, this is another sign that Amazon does not intend to give up so easily.

Word of this update came this past week – one week out from the update’s scheduled release.

This is only the latest in a string of updates to the device over the past several months. It’s apparent now more than ever that Amazon is setting customers up for the next device, proving themselves as a dedicated creator here with their first Fire Phone so that they’ll have trust for the next.


An Amazon Fire Phone 2 is on the way, so confirms Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos as of early December of this year. “It’s going to take several iterations [of the Fire Phone]” he said, to get the device right. To make a successful Amazon smartphone.

As of November, Amazon had unlocked the Fire Phone, and as of October, Amazon acknowledged that they’d screwed up with this first launch. Amazon had taken a $170 million dollar writedown on the device due to low sales.

The phone cost a dollar attached to a 2-year contract as of September of this year. Back in August, dud statistics popped up via Chitika and comScore.

Was it AT&T’s fault the Fire Phone failed? Or was it the $205 in components the device required to construct?


Back when we first reviewed the device, it became clear – the Fire Phone made shopping too easy. Features were not fantastic enough – or they were, but it didn’t matter. A solid end product these features did not necessarily make.

Have a peek at our original Amazon Fire Phone Review to see what we thought before the news of the botched release. We’ll be waiting for the next one in 2015.

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3 Responses to Amazon Fire Phone: not the Android you’re looking for

  1. No, this is not the Android you are looking for, If you are not a noob.
    But, if you like Kindle Fire, you will love this. Better if you can get it on sale for $200, unlocked. Could make a great gift.
    Strong, well built, so far. Runs Great. Enough apps available to keep easy people happy.
    Battery is not the best, but it would suit a housewife or grandparents needs.
    I have been using my Nokia 1520, more at home, gaming shopping, and everything else.
    Yes I am going to Amazon first, but I usually do anyway. So now I get the benefit of Prime, for free.
    I am using the Fire Phone as a pocket phone for now, leaving the NL1520 at home, because I do not need it.
    I intend to give this Fire phone to someone in need, just wanted to check it out, it would not suit me as my primary device. I want something larger, with an SD card, with Android OS (vs Fire OS) if not Windows Phone, if I could only have one device.

  2. Amazon needs to PAY customers to carry around a one touch Amazon shopping cart. A $400 Amazon credit with no contract attached makes this phone compelling. I am happy with my Pink Volkswagon, thank you

    • I guess you missed my above comment. Let me dumb it down for you.
      The device cost me $100, off contract, plus, one yr. of Prime. The device will pay for itself.
      I got a spare, Nexus 5 quality device with Fire OS ( which is not a total disappointment)

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