Amazon Fire Phone drops to a dollar, goes international

Chris Burns - Sep 8, 2014, 11:15am CDT
Amazon Fire Phone drops to a dollar, goes international

Is this an “ouch” or a “good for Amazon”? The Fire Phone has been dropped to $0.99 on-contract here in the United States – that’s about $190 less than it launched for way back when it was first released. But that was a long time ago, right? Not so much.

Back when we released our Amazon Fire Phone Review, the device seemed like a neat concept, but far from the best phone on the market. Far from it for the price, at least. Now with a far, far cheaper price range ready for the US market, Amazon may be turning their fortunes around – they’ve not sold one whole heck of a lot of devices thus far.

An international launch may also help Amazon to bring in a new audience. You’ll find the Fire phone launching with O2 in the UK and Deutsche Telekom in Germany, both on the 30th of September. They’ll both have the “exclusive” on this smartphone.

The UK price for the Fire phone will be £0 upfront on the £33 tariff for 2GB. In Germany you’ll find the phone costing a cool €1 with the new MagentaMobil rates while the MagentaMobil M basic fee will be EUR 49.95 per month. Let us know if you’ll be all about it.

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