The Daily Slash : July 14th, 2011

Welcome to everyone's favorite tech and gadget roundup: The Daily Slash! Today I should first mention that we've got a team-mate daily roundup going on over at our sister site Android Community where the aptly named Android Community Daily News Round-Up is on point for everything you need to know in the Android world. Beyond that, it's all about Spotify today, and you'd best believe that. It's the biggest thing in music today, and only the next 24 hours will tell whether or not it'll survive tomorrow. For now though, we've got some premium accounts rolling and we're not stopping the beats for months!

First let's look at a couple of unique posts made by the crew at Android Community because one way or another you've got to see these gadgets. They're gadgetastic. First there's the HTC Status which is also known as the Facebook phone, or better yet the HTC ChaCha as it exists in the UK and greater Europe. Then there's the Motorola DROID 3 which will rock as hard as you can imagine with a dual core processor, slide out squared out keyboard, and some Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread for that brand new vision of a user interface as created by Motorola. For the win? Have a hands-on look at both.

Next let's not forget to remind one another about the ongoing contest we've got happening here on SlashGear and over on Android Community: Tabletpalooza 2011 with a total of 5 tablets, each of them packed with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core 1Ghz processor and freaking out at the thought of coming home with you. This week we've got a Asus Eee Pad Transformer and a T-Mobile G-Slate. Gotta catch em all! BUT you can only win one. Choose wisely!

Then let's get you educated on what it means to know Spotify here in the USA. This service has been around for a couple years over the ocean, but now that it's been released in BETA form this morning here in the states, you've got to know! First learn about the bigger picture with our SlashGear 101: What is Spotify? post. Next you'll have to find out the true glory of the awesome Premium account, that $10 a month service that allows you full access to Spotify not only at home, but on your mobile device as well. We've got a full hands-on guide! Then as long as we're on an app kick, let's talk about two new apps by the same name that've come out today: SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X, keyboards with magical powers made specifically for Android devices and again, both released today to the Android Market and reviewed today by us right here on SlashGear. [SwiftKey Tablet X] and [SwiftKey X for Handsets]

And no app selection would be complete without a benchmark, right? Lucky you and lucky us, Qualcomm has brought some fire today with Vellamo, a benchmarking system that'll show you EVERYTHING you've ever wanted to know about the mobile browsing capabilities on your device. Grab it today for free on the Android Market.

Some specs are next: Google CEO Larry Page lets the world know that they've got over 10 million users on Google+ and 1 BILLION items shared per day. The fire then continues for Google as its announced that they activate 550,000 Android devices daily, with 250,000 apps on the Android Market today. In sort of similar news, Apple is now the third largest PC vendor in the USA.

Oh and more Spotify! We've got the backdoor keys for you!

There's a cool 10.1-inch Amazon Android tablet coming down the pipe on a Foxconn ship, so says sources. A nice image of the Sony NEX-7 leaks forth. Sony may be set to launch some brand new ereaders next month. Netflix is coming to Nintendo 3DS today, yes today. And best of all, Nokia hinted that they were going to have a Google Maps web challenge for iPhone and Android. It'll be such a fight!