Spotify Invites Here, There, and Everywhere

Well would you look at that, Spotify is live in the good ol' U S of A! This is a streaming music service with the ability to push basically any track you've ever heard of to your mobile devices, PC, or Mac computers, all for $10 a month. There's other plans too, of course, including one that only attaches to your home computer, that being a $5 a month plan, then there's a FREE plan that's going out today via exclusive invite! Only it's not the most exclusive thing in the world, is it? You'd better take a look right here.

First of all, your quickest in may well be a woman by the name of Amanda Rose. She's a cool cat associated with Spotify that's also somehow landed the name @amanda on Twitter. Strange how things like that turn out. All you've got to do is ask her for an invite via her Twitter if you like, or better yet submit your name via email to this page right here: They'll hook you up real quick. But perhaps not quick enough, if you know what I mean.

The following instructions come from a brand new good friend of ours who informed us of this method via Google+. He (or she!) preferred to remain anonymous, but we'll just call her Jane Plank. Sound planky enough for an aka? Now for these instructions. This is your way in!

1. Go to and point it at This will tell Spotify that you're literally sitting in England right now, sipping tea.

2. Spotify is already fully open in the UK, so you'll be able to sign up for an account just so long as you're able to find a legit UK zip code. Simple stuff!

3. Sign out, get out of DaveProxy and all that, you wont need it anymore, and head to the US version of the site – aka just go back to Here you'll be asked if you want to sign up for a premium account, and you do, almost, instead you want to find that message that says you've already got an account and want to log in. Do it.

4. Head back to the homepage, just straight up, and hit the "continue to" link.

5. Click your username in the upper-right hand corner, edit profile, and change your country from "United Kingdom" to "United States."

6. Pow! Right in the kisser. Aka you're now able to download the Spotify desktop app and get to rocking and rollin! So much rock to be rolled!

A reminder: this will only get you the free version of an account. If you want to rock out on your mobile devices, you're gonna need to check out how to get in with the cool crowd ala our big giant Spotify PREMIUM Account and Mobile App Review. It's fabulous!

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