10.1-Inch Amazon Android Tablet To Be Built At Foxconn Claim Sources

The tablet market is hot right now and consumers are buying tablets in droves. The iPad is the most popular, but there is certainly room in the market for a competitor, especially a lower price tablet running the Android operating system. When Amazon tossed, its Kindle eReader onto the market there were already long established readers around and the Kindle blew them away and kicked off the new rush of eReaders we are all enjoying today.

Amazon has a chance to kick off a new war in the tablet market as well. If it can bring a tablet to market that has a good price and decent performance it will sell well. The new tablets have been rumored for a while now with two versions turning up back in May dubbed Coyote and Hollywood. A new rumor has surfaced today from sources cited by DigiTimes that claims that the 10.1-inch tablet Amazon has in the works will be built at Foxconn. The same sources claim that a smaller 7.1-inch screen version has been assigned elsewhere for production.

The source claims that the smaller 7.1-inch tablet Amazon is working on will be made at Quanta Computer. Neither Quanta nor Foxconn have offered official statements on the tablets at this point. There is some speculation that the tablets might not hit market until 2012. A previous rumor had at least one of the tablets landing in time for the holiday season of 2011.

[via Android Community]