Netflix lands on Nintendo 3DS today

The Nintendo 3DS has been around for a while now and not too long ago one of our big problems with the console that we raised in the review is fixed. The 3DS now has its eShop in place to let you buy download games and grab other software too for the portable. Some new apps are landing in the eShop today with the Netflix app coming for download.

With the Netflix app now coming owners of the 3DS will be able to use the little portable console and its WiFi connection to stream movies. I wonder if Netflix will start offering any 3D content for users to enjoy. The tip that the Netflix app was coming came yesterday with an email from Nintendo highlighting the big new additions to the eShop for this week.

Along with the Netflix app there are several other games coming including Extreme Hangman 2 and others. You will need a Netflix account to use the app. I'm glad to see this coming; it will give one more device in the home for people to watch video on. This also makes the 3DS one of the more portable non-phone devices with Netflix access.

[via Joystiq]