Google+ Has Over 10 Million Users, 1 Billion Items Shared Per Day, Says CEO Larry Page

During Google's rosy Q2 2011 earnings call today with shareholders, CEO Larry Page highlighted some interesting statistics on the company's newly launched Google+ social platform. Page commended his new management team saying that they worked together "fabulously" and then proceeded to extol Google+ with some very impressive numbers that show the platform has indeed been well received—and it's not even out of beta yet.

Page revealed that there are currently over 10 million Google+ members and over 1 billion items are shared or received via Google+ per day. These numbers are amazing considering that the new social platform was introduced just over two weeks ago and is still in private beta with limited invitations. It essentially equates to accumulating 13% of Facebook's 750 million users in just two weeks.

Businesses will be allowed to sign on for Google+ corporate accounts in a trial period starting next week, but the entire platform likely won't open to the public until beginning of August. Popular features including the Circles method of friends listing and the Hangouts group video chat has really made Google+ standout from its rival, Facebook, which has recently attempted to counter with its own integrated Skype-powered video chat feature.

If you're currently a user of both Google+ and Facebook, we'd love to know which one you prefer so far. Facebook already has the network established and looks to be on a mission to roll out a ton of new services, including an integrated music streaming service, while Google+ still has to play catchup once it opens to the public, hoping that the general non-early adopter population show just as much enthusiasm to give it a whirl.

[via TechCrunch]