Facebook Vibes Music Service Revealed In Video Calling Code

The Google+ social platform was unveiled last week in an invitation-only beta form but has already generated lots of excitement for its new features, including a group video calling service called Hangouts. Perhaps as a response, Facebook announced its own video calling service yesterday in partnership with Skype. But upon close inspection of Facebook's video calling code, software developer Jeff Rose discovered evidence of Facebook's future music service.

Rose got curious about whether the new Facebook video chat used the Skype he already had installed on his computer of if it installed a second copy of Skype. So, he started investigating and found a file called FacebookVideoCalling.jar. The file is used to grab a Facebook user ID as well as an application ID and produce a signed request to download the application.

What Rose then noticed, was that there were two applications supported in the installer. The first one is called "peep" and is for downloading the video chat plugin, while the second one is called "vibes" and is meant to fetch a music download dialog in the page. However, this doesn't mean that the imminent music service will necessarily be called Vibes.

Facebook has been rumored to be working with Spotify to integrate a "Music Dashboard" with the social platform while Spotify has recently confirmed an imminent U.S. launch.

[via Engadget]