Google Activates 550,000 Android Devices Daily, Reaches 250,000 Android Market Apps

Today was a big day for Google as they excited shareholders with an awesome earnings call, boasting just over $9 billion in revenue this past quarter. They also revealed some fascinating numbers on the speed of adoption for their new Google+ social platform that already has 10 million users after opening its doors for just two weeks. And still there's more auspicious figures for the company's Android platform.

During the earnings call, Google CEO Larry Page mentioned that they are now activating about 550,000 Android devices each day. Just a little over two weeks ago, Google Senior VP and "father of Android," Andy Rubin, tweeted that Android activations had reached 500,000. Back at Google I/O in May, that number was 400,000. It's definitely a steady climb.

The number of Android apps has also seen tremendous growth. Today, Google Senior VP of Advertising, Susan Wojcicki announced during the earnings call that the Android Market has now reached more than 250,000 apps with over 6 billion downloads. Back in October of 2010, that number was just passed 100,000 apps, which means that Android Market apps have more than doubled in less than a year.

[via Android Community]