The Daily Slash: July 12, 2011

Boy have we got some tidbits for you today. More TouchPad posts than you can shake a stick at, T-Mobile's expanding their 4G network and their stranglehold on the Android world with a sweetest phone ever award being given to its new myTouch 4G Slide, and wouldn't you know it, we've got some Apple news! So just sit back and kick it while we hook you up with a couple ah links that'll have you reading all night long, and all day long, and all the livelong afternoon long.

We've got a myTouch 4G Slide Hands-On and Unboxing on SlashGear, a FULL REVIEW of the myTouch 4G Slide over on Android Community, and another hands-on with the same device, again Android Community striking like lightening aside us. Oh and here's your inexpensive phone of the day: Motorola XT316 – it's cheep! Today we ALSO had a hands-on with the mystical LG 3D phone by the name of LG Thrill, aka AT&T's version of the Optimus 3D.

SEE! Best Buy Take Tablets Seriously

SEE! Nexus+, the Google+ Phone

SEE! Samsung Ice Cream Sandwich from Russia

SEE! DROID Bionic on the loose!

Some hot Columns:

How Will I Teach My Son That Han Shot First?Relationship Me vs. Independent Me On Google+Sony Must Announce the PlayStation 4 ASAPWhy Competing with Google+ is Impossible

Articles that are MUST READ:

Samsung demands Apple legal team be disqualified over insider knowledge fearsSony makes PS Vita dev kits cheap to encourage "garage developers"Sony makes PS Vita dev kits cheap to encourage "garage developers"HTC calls out Apple for competing in courts, not on productsGoogle+ demands your real name: Pseudonyms suspended

Burnsy's Picks:

AT&T LTE Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G and USB modem due this summer; new international data plans outedPanasonic debuts Toughbook CF-H2 tablet for field workersNYC and San Francisco Bay Area get Google Offers betaAMD throws down the GPU gauntlet with Radeon HD 6990MFujitsu next-gen FLEPia color ereader revealed [Video]Evernote Goes Tablet Style on Android

Most awesome item of the day:

Android Market 3.0.26 Hands-On and Review

THEN get yourself READY for week TWO of Tabletpalooza! Win yourself some sweet tablets, Android tablets, tablets for the win!

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