SlashGear Week in Review – Week 23 2010

Shane McGlaun - Jun 13, 2010
SlashGear Week in Review – Week 23 2010

Hey gang; it’s time for another week in review. HP debuted its slick web-connected printer service on Monday. The service will let you do some cool things like print from your smartphone by emailing a document to the printer. Ahead of WWDC early Monday, AT&T started to tweak the upgrade eligibility for many iPhone 3GS owners. This was no surprise given that we knew Steve was going to be pulling that new iPhone out of his pocket a few hours later that day.

Apple officially announced the iPhone 4 Monday, which was certainly the biggest story of the week. The device looked just like the ones we saw leaked by Gizmodo and other sources. Shortly after pulling the device out of his pocket, Steve Jobs announced that the prices for the new iPhone would be $199 for 16GB and $299 for 32GB. Both will ship in June 24.

During the WWDC keynote, Jobs also talked about the new iPhone OS now called iOS with iOS 4 the latest version. iOS 4 adds 1500 features to the device. We spend some hands on time with the iPhone 4 Monday and really liked the device. Vince said you have to hold the device to really appreciate how slick it is.

iPhone 4 hands-on:

[vms 1bc419542ce9fa43902d]

Tuesday a slide from the WWDC conference was spied that tipped the fact that iWork was coming to the new iPhone 4. One of the slides showed an option for Open in Keynote. MSI WindPad U100 official promo pics were revealed Tuesday. Previously we had seen pics of the device from Computex.

We already know in the US AT&T will be the only carrier with the iPhone 4. In the UK fans get some choices with O2, Vodafone, and Orange all offering the handset. Later Tuesday T-Mobile in the UK also confirmed that it would be getting the iPhone 4. That rounded out the major UK carriers.

Sony debuted a pair of entry level DSLR cameras mid-week. The new cams included the Sony Alpha A290 and the A390. Sprint had announced some very impressive sales numbers for the EVO 4G claiming that the device sold more on day one than the Instinct and Pre combined. Sprint has now come back and admitted that those numbers were wrong.

A video of the Blackberry clamshell 9670 and its OS6 turned up mid-week. That is still one ugly handset if you ask me. A roadmap leaked this week showing that a Nokia N9 and an unknown S-series handset would be coming. There is no word on when these handsets will turn up.

That Pandigital Novel eReader that turned up at Kohl’s a week or so back has been recalled. Apparently, the device was rife with problems with the touchscreen and more. The shiny new iOS4 operating system unveiled alongside the iPhone 4 will be coming to iPhone 3GS and 3G owners. A hack surfaced that enabled multitasking for the older devices.

Android users were hit with a wild SMS bug this week where messages sent to a specific user would end up going to other contacts. That could have been very embarrassing for some users. Some crazy DIY iPad docks were seen including my favorite, the Mac Classic dock. These things are cool, but don’t look that usable.

A new Asus Eee netbook surfaced late in the week called the 1201K. The device has a 12.1-inch screen and uses an AMD Geode CPU. Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone on the Vodafone network are set to start on June 15. The device will have 16GB of storage.

Microsoft announced that as of October 22 of this year it would no longer allow Windows XP to be sold for netbooks. After that, it will be all Windows 7. Wicked Lasers unveiled the crazy powerful Spyder III Pro Arctic laser this week. The thing can make you instantly blind and burn skin.

We have posted up our review of the Dell Stream MID. The device we reviewed was a pre-release handset and there was already a ton to like. Thanks for reading this week’s edition!

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