Half-baked Pandigital Novel gets recalled [Updated]

After early users reported multiple problems with the ereader device, Pandigital has apparently decided to recall the Android-based Novel.  Owner Nate has been in touch with Kohl's telephone support, who have confirmed that owners can send back their tablets for a full refund.  Among the problems reported were patchy touchscreen responsiveness, sluggish browsing and WiFi that was reluctant to connect.

There's no detail on the Pandigital site itself, at least at time of writing, but we imagine that if owners of the Novel ring the customer care number in their documentation they should be able to find out the full process.  As for when it gets re-released, it'll apparently still be running Android 2.0, as it is now, and Pandigital promise you'll eventually be able to install applications yourself (though it's not clear if that will be through the Android Market).

Update: Nate has been in touch to confirm that he spoke to Kohl's customer service, not Pandigital's, and that Pandigital have said this is a software recall.  Once the new firmware is loaded the Novel will be back on shelves.