Blackberry Clamshell 9670 and OS 6.0 video walkthroughs surface

We have already talked about the Blackberry 9670 and its odd clamshell form factor on a couple occasions. The device is running the new Blackberry OS 6.0 and today a couple video walkthroughs of the handset and the new OS have landed online ahead of their launch.

As a refresher, the 9670 is a clamshell. We have heard already that the phone sports a 480 x 360 resolution and uses CDMA tech inside aiming presumably at the Sprint network. The website that posted the walkthroughs is called and the publication claims that the OS 6.0 on the handset is a very early version.

The assumption here is that what you see in the OS walkthrough below may not be the final specs or look the handset launches with. There is apparently 512MB of onboard storage, a 5MP camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, microSD card slot and more.

via Gizmodo