SMS bug creates Android messaging confusion

Chris Davies - Jun 10, 2010
SMS bug creates Android messaging confusion

As if we needed another reason to be careful about our sexting habits, an apparent bug on Android devices is causing text and multimedia messages to be sent to unintended recipients.  Multiple Android users are reporting the fault on Google’s support forums; the native messaging app on their phone – several models have apparently been affected, including the Google Nexus One and HTC Incredible – replaces the selected recipient of an SMS or MMS with a different identity, sometimes only showing the switch after  the message has been sent.

Confusing matters, not every Android owner has been able to reproduce the fault.  Some have found that by holding two separate SMS conversations and switching between them (as replies arrive) mid-typing can prompt a switch, but the issue seems to be affecting devices with no observable pattern.  Currently the only workaround is to delete conversation threads when you’re done reading them, though that’s not likely to meet with particular enthusiasm from Android owners.

[via Android Community – Thanks Jeff!]

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