Geeky DIY iPad docks grab their 15 minutes of fame

Every April you have to watch out when companies like ThinkGeek start to post up fake products as jokes trying to get geeks like me to write about them. Each year sites all around the web fall for the jokes. This year ThinkGeek posted up a joke that was an iPad dock that looked like an arcade cabinet, I actually wanted one.

One geek wasn't content to live without the iPad arcade dock when he found it was fake and made his own out of cardboard, which we admit was kind of cheap looking. Geeks are starting to get much more innovative and polished with their DIY docks though.

Check out this dock that is made in the case of an old school Mac classic like the one they had back in grade school. This is pretty slick, the screen fits right inside the Mac Classic case, though how you access controls is anyone's guess. Another geek took his iPad and crammed it inside the lid of an iBook portable where its screen used to be. It's not as cool as the Mac Classic dock, but interesting nonetheless.