SlashGear Week in Review- Week 21 2011

Welcome to another edition of the SlashGear Week in Review! Monday Seagate unveiled a cool new external storage device that has 500GB packed inside called the GoFlex Satellite. The device will allow you to connect with your iPad via WiFi and stream content and more. A German TV network built up a life-size version of Angry Birds in Spain. They even had a live jazz band playing the game theme song.

An old VW van surfaced on a car lot that had tank treads. The bus body was riveted to the treads of an old WWII all-terrain vehicle. Sony outlined the welcome back content that people coming back to the PSN would be offered for the long outage. PSN users will get two free games and a lot more.

A flaw in Android has been discovered that opens up Google and Facebook accounts to theft. The flaw would allow details to be extracted if the user is connected to an unsecure WiFi network. Scientists and astronomers have discovered a planet about 20 light years from Earth that they believe could be habitable. The planet is called Gliese 581d and it orbits in the zone where life could exist.

Verizon started taking pre-orders on the Xperia Play smartphone on May 19 with the smartphone hitting stores on May 26. This phone should be popular with the mobile gaming crowd. A video shot during a developer meeting has surfaced that reportedly shows the Wii 2. The clip shows the devs watching a video presentation and what appears to be a prototype is on display.

An awesome looking chair turned up this week called the Inception Chair. The design uses a bunch of increasingly smaller chairs nested together to create the very cool look of the seat. A Mentos and Diet Coke rocket went horribly wrong for one guy and horribly funny for the rest of us. Two guys loaded up a bottle with the concoction, threw it on the ground a few times, and then it takes off and nails the camera guy.

Sony just can't win, a new hack surfaced for PSN users to deal with. The new password reset scheme wasn't well thought through apparently. The details needed for hackers to reset the passwords themselves were among the data stolen. Apple has reportedly warned AppleCare team members from fixing Mac malware problems. The fixes are to stop while Apple investigates the Mac Defender and Mac Security trojans.

Sharp and NHK showed off a cool sounding new 85-inch LCD this week that is Direct-View and works with Hi-vision. Hi-vision offers much more resolution than the 1080p screens on the market today. We learned late in the week that Kindle eBook sales have exceeded print sales in the US. Amazon has sold 105 Kindle books for each print book on the US website.

An explosion has occurred at the Foxconn iPad 2 plant in China. The exact cause is unknown, but at least two were killed and 16 were injured in the explosion. Chris unboxed the HTC Sensation and offered up some impressions of the device on video. The phone is well built and seems to work well, expect a full review soon. See you next time!