Inception chair makes my head hurt

I've seen the flick inception a couple times now and each time I watch it I figure out a little bit more of the plot of the film. The first time I saw it the movie was weird, but the visuals were really cool. A RISD student named Vivian Chiu has designed a chair that she calls the Inception Chair, one look at the thing and you know why. It reminds me of nesting dolls too, the design is very cool and I hope Chiu got an A for the project.

You can't really tell when all the chairs are docked together just how many of them make up the design. When they are all apart, there is a bunch of individual chairs to make things work. There are ten of the chairs that nest together to make the whole and each of them is a slightly smaller representation of the next.

The chairs nest together so you can sit on the whole thing using groves that slide together measuring half an inch to an eighth of an inch wide. I wonder how long it took to design and build the chair. I bet she could sell these to rich folks for some big money if she was inclined.

[via Colossal]