Foxconn iPad 2 plant explosion [Video] [Updated]

An explosion at the Foxconn Chengdu production facility in China has been reported, the facility where Apple produces much of its iPad 2 supply. According to MIC Gadget, the explosion happened at 19:10 local time; numbers of injured are unknown, though one report suggests that 6-7 people have already been seen by doctors at the scene, and more are expected imminently.

Early feedback suggests "more than 10 fire engines, 10 ambulances, [and] many police cars" are in attendance, with press warned to keep clear of the A05 production building because more explosions could take place. "Super light dust" has been blamed for the incident.

Foxconn is yet to respond to requests for information. We'll update as we hear more.

Update: New reports suggest that at least two employees are dead and sixteen injured, of which three are apparently seriously so. Preliminary investigations have supposedly ruled out human-caused factors for the explosion.

[via Cult of Mac]