Camera dude pummeled by Diet Coke and Mentos gone wrong

Mentos, the pain maker! Back in my day, the thing I would do to make my mom go into a sheer panic was mix pop rocks with Dr. Pepper. She somehow though that you would blow your head off with the mixture, it was rather lame by today's standards. Nothing really happened, but a mean cherry scented case of the burps. Today if you want to wreak havoc with snack foods, what you need is some Mentos and Diet Coke.

We have talked about kits that let you get your mess on with these two snacks before. Back in 2007 a kit surfaced that kept the Mentos out of the soda until you (and your face) were at a safe distance. That was how to do it right. A couple guys have just uploaded a video to YouTube that shows how to do it wrong, funny as hell, but wrong.

I was expecting the bald dude messing with the bottle to take the brunt of the explosion. I did think it was funny that while baldy was laughing it up the cameraperson is on the ground moaning. Check out the video below. Fess up in the comments if you flinched or not.

[via BuzzFeed]