SlashGear Week in Review - Week 11 2009

Apple stole headlines this week with a surprise update just seven days after refreshing their Mac line.  The new 4GB iPod shuffle is even smaller than the original, using an in-line remote and VoiceOver spoken tracknames to get around the absence of a display.  Apple also released iTunes 8.1, while rumors of a multitouch 10-inch netbook flourished as first Chinese then US press picked up on the capacitive panel trail.

We also rounded out the last of our PMA 2009 coverage, and if you're in the market for a new DSLR, lens or camcorder this year, there's plenty of exclusive content that you really want to check out.  SlashGear's resident photography expert Daniel Lim has been playing with lenses from Sigma, SigZilla, and Meike, plus cameras from Panasonic, Sony, Canon and Fujifilm.  Remember, you can read all of our PMA 2009 coverage with the PMA tag

Elsewhere, Dell announced the Studio One 19 multitouch-capable desktop PC, and Microsoft revealed further details of their Windows Marketplace for Mobile appstore.  We also joined Sprint for a Palm Pre webcast, amid rumors that Telefonica had clinched the exclusivity deal for the GSM version of the smartphone.

Finally, SlashGear reviewed the iLuv i1155 Portable Multimedia Player, which has room both for your DVD collection and your iPod, together with joining AT&T's Network Disaster Recovery team.  Coming up this week, we'll be live-blogging Apple's preview of iPhone OS 3.0, so join us on Tuesday, March 17th for the full coverage.