PMA 2009 : Panasonic Tough DMC-TS1 Lumix Hands-on - Rugged compact camera

We love to see gadget gets tested on the spot. Last week you've seen the Olympus Tough Styles get physically abused on video, and now we have another cool presentation from Panasonic booth at PMA 2009 showing off their first-gen rugged camera withstanding drop test, being submerge in the water, and resistant to sand damage.

The housing of Panasonic DMC-TS1 is not the typical rubber outfit for a waterproof camera. It features heavy-duty hulking brushed metal chassis that is slim enough for your pocket. What most impressive about this camera is its the first rugged camera capable of recording AVCHD Lite in 720p mode with 4.6x zoom optics at 28-129mm (35mm equiv).

Impenetrable by dust, built to withstand 5-feet drop, waterproof up to 10-feet, and able to work in a freezing climate as low as -10 degree, the Lumix is practically an "strong as tank camera". The 12MP DMC-TS1 ruggedized Lumix will be available in silver, green and bright orange for $399 this April.

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