Apple netbook rumors persist: 10-inch touchscreen order confirmed?

Further momentum for the Apple netbook rumor, as Reuters claims an unnamed source has confirmed 10-inch touchscreens have been ordered by the company.  The source, who is supposedly close to Taiwanese touchscreen-specialist Wintek – the manufacturer tipped to provide Apple with the multitouch hardware in the second half of 2009 – has said he doesn't know which products the panels are intended for, but the assumption is that Apple are planning to develop an ultraportable computer.

What isn't clear is whether Reuters' source is different from that reported by the Dow Jones Newswire earlier this week, or the Chinese-language paper Commercial Times, or if they're rehashing existing rumors.  A Wintek spokesperson has confirmed that Apple is a major client of the company – they already provide the iPhone touch panels – but declined to comment on new products.

Earlier rumors have suggested that Quanta Computer are building the touchscreen Apple device, although the manufacturer themselves – like Apple – have declined to comment.  It's unclear whether the new Apple device would conform to a netbook or tablet form-factor.