SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: September 19, 2012

Its been a rather busy day already so lets jump in to everything you missed so far last night and this morning. Today everything is starting with the iPhone. Apple has just released iOS 6 and it's available now, and last night you might have missed our iPhone 5 review. There's plenty of other exciting news so lets take a peek below.

Other than the excitement from iOS rolling out to everyone, there's big news today from that other smartphone lineup by Microsoft. Today HTC and Microsoft announced the all new HTC 8X Windows Phone 8 flagship smartphone, then followed that with their HTC 8S budget offering. Don't worry, in the usual SlashGear fashion you can see everything about these "Lumia-like" smartphones in our hands-on. You'll want to start with our HTC 8X hands-on, then take a quick peek at the Windows Phone 8S by HTC hands-on coverage. The proper name is Windows Phone 8X and 8S by HTC as they've inked a deal with Microsoft for these to be the WP8 "signature handsets."

Google is apparently issuing a massive update to Google Maps for Android, to show off its awesome new features the iOS 6 version doesn't have. In other odd news Sky and Warner Bro's inked a deal for all their content, leaving iTunes and Netflix in the cold yet again. Oh and speaking of Netflix, they've just outed a brand new Netflix experience for iPhone 5.

Last but not least the few other important bits of news were Casio's new cameras, and a redesigned Sony Playstation 3. Yup, this is the same old Playstation only smaller, lighter, and looks a bit different. We just want the PS4 already! Finally some of the most exciting news is from the Samsung front. Samsung has announced their new and impressive 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II will be coming to 5 major US carriers by early November. Who's excited?

Stay tuned for more news all day long!