SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: February 9, 2012

When the cloud gets tough, Google gets going, and inside sources are letting the world know that the big G is preparing a service called

Google Drive

to bring the fury. In the hacked up world of information releases,

Apple's been hit

through Foxconn and order data has been spilled. In the quad-core world, the Tegra 3 from NVIDIA may well be the

head gun

at Mobile World Congress 2012 for HTC – can't wait for the HTC edge to take the crown back for mobile dominance for HTC!

Google will be fully approved for the

Motorola Mobility purchase

they set out to take last year. Apple is facing some

store protests

today over ethics violations folks across the USA are saying they're guilty of overseas. Take a peek at the

Lytro camera

from the insides out – at the FCC. Have a peek at the already fabulously popular Nokia N9 running no less than

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Once Google owns Motorola, they plan on continuing to run the drive to

grab 2.25% of the iPhone

in a patent suit. Meanwhile Google may well be opening a

retail store in Dublin.

Apple's own

iOS 5.1

will be coming on March 9th and insiders have tipped a

first week of March iPad 3 event.

Kodak has

dumped digital cameras

and Samsung Galaxy Camera is a tip that'll bring

Samsung phones in to cameras.

Finally check out our review of the fabulous

Acer Aspire M3 AM3970

and prepare for an Acer Ultrabook later today!