SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: August 2nd, 2012

Without a doubt you'll want to start your day off right with our early review of Total Recall – the 2012 version. Right after that you'll want to take a peek at our interview with none other than the director of Total Recall Len Wiseman as he speaks with us about Science Fiction, directing his wife (Kate Beckinsale), and customized LED tattoos. Next you'll want to dive into Minecraft 1.3.1 as it brings on Emeralds as well as NPC trading! You'll also find that early this morning we've got a report on Sony's fiscal Q1 report shows income down a shocking 77 percent.

There's a massive Toyota SUV and car recall in the works as 778 thousand vehicles need to be pulled back. Google's social network Google+ has been touted by Vic Gundotra once again as he says Facebook screws developers while Google will be doing nothing of the sort. If you're all about Android and want to make the jump with Cricket Wireless and Huawei, you'll want to check out the Ascend Q, a strange combination of candybar form factor and physical keyboard matched with a touchscreen.

Android's second-to-newest operating system Ice Cream Sandwich has grown 50% in the newest report on the platform – believe it or not, that is. Nokia is laying off their Aussie Qt team as they look to sell off assets in the area – perhaps its the time to buy! The folks at Mophie are more than ready to continue supporting the iPhone 4/4S as they release a hardcore camera case called the Outride.

Over in the Apple vs Samsung case we've got a moment in battle with Samsung spilling some beans and Apple getting very, very upset about it. The folks at Sharp have let the iPhone 5 display shipments they've had under wraps be known to the world – naughty! BlackBerry 10 is prepped for action – soon – and RIM is talking about licensing the heck out of it before it's released.

Incase you didn't already know, it's appearing very likely that the iPhone 5 will have 8-pins, not 30-pins in its guts. This means that there's a whole lot of arguing about to happen on why Apple would choose to "abandon" their current massive set of 3rd party accessory makers – there's gotta be a reason! You can now explore the NASA Kennedy Space Center via Google Maps Street View – fun! There's a galaxy out there that astronomers have taken photos of: two supernovas later and you've got the perfect desktop background.

Your AT&T 4G LTE device will soon – or relatively soon – have boosted signals thanks to the carrier's recent purchase of NextWave. There's another – yes another – BlackBerry PlayBook coming out soon for Canada – this time with 4G LTE ready to go. You can check out our first look at the LaCie RuggedKey usb stick as it sits in its little orange grenade shell. The folks at tshortOS are bringing on wearable displays for the masses. And of course you're going to want to see the patent for a future Smart Cover for an iPad complete with touch controls and strange abilities galore!