Shipments of iPhone 5 screens will start in August tips Sharp

Rumors of the next-generation iPhone continue to surface. One of the latest rumors is that Apple will have a press event on September 12 to unveil the next-generation iPhone. That event is still firmly in rumor land at this point, and it will be weeks before any press invites go out confirming the September 12 event. Typically invites to Apple events show up about seven days before the event is held.

Sharp's new President, Takashi Okuda, has added more with fuel to the rumor fire recently with a statement at a press briefing in Tokyo today about the iPhone as the company talked about its latest quarterly earnings. Okuda stated during the talk that shipments of screens for the next-generation iPhone would begin in August. Production ramping up in August does support the rumor of the September 12 unveil event.

I suspect Sharp will be backpedaling on Okuda's statement soon in a method similar to what Foxconn had to do when its CEO confirmed in the Apple HDTV back in May. Okuda's statement was short and simple, "Shipments will start in August," he said. He declined to offer any more specifics for iPhone shipments past that date.

Sharp has been one of three suppliers of iPhone screens to Apple. The other suppliers include LG Display Co and Japan Display. Reuters cites sources claiming that the new screen panels will be four-inches corner to corner making them 30% larger than current iPhone screens. Rumors have also pointed to the screens being longer, but no wider than the current iPhone and the next-generation iPhone is said to be thinner than current devices.

[via Reuters]