SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: August 22, 2012

Welcome to Wednesday, folks. This particular hump day saw news that the

Department of Justice and the FBI have brought down a trio of websites

that dealt in pirated Android apps, while a

picture of a mini dock USB cable for the iPhone 5

surfaced as well. Microsoft announced a number of things related to the Xbox 360 today, kicking off a

search for people to beta test its new dashboard update

, permanently

dropping the price of the Kinect by $40

, and announcing Xbox 360 Essentials packs,

which come packed with accessories to accommodate Xbox 360 owners



FTC has ended its investigation of Facebook's Instagram purchase

, though the FTC wrapped things up rather silently.

LG has a massive new 4K HDTV available now

in South Korea,

HP posted less-than-stellar results for quarter 3

of its fiscal year, and today NASA talked about how the

Curiosity rover has been getting around on the surface of Mars

. Today also brought some new

sample shots of the Nikon CoolPix S800c Android camera

, along

with a new video demo for the device


We got a

closer look at the Archos Gen10 XS tablet line today

, and the struggling

HTC is planning to cut the price on its One series of phones

after the line posted disappointing sales.

T-Mobile announced that it will begin offering nationwide unlimited 4G

next month, while

Rockstar delivered a new round of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots

today, and we have a feeling that move screenshots are coming sometime later this week, so keep an eye out for those.

AT&T has reiterated its decision to block FaceTime

, and cited an FCC ruling in support of it.

Verizon looks be gearing up to offer a Nokia Windows Phone 8

later this year, and sadly,

Nintendo confirmed that Nintendo Power magazine will be shutting down

in December.

NASA has kicked off a simulation meant to test landing on a near-Earth asteroid

, and there's a new

iPhone app on the scene that will help you determine which Super PACs

are putting out those constant political ads.

Black Isle Studios appears to have risen from the dead

, but no one seems to know the circumstances surrounding the re-opening.

Finally tonight, we have a

review of the new Archos 101 XS tablet by Chris Burns

. Enjoy the rest of your evening, everyone!