Xbox 360 Essentials Pack sets gamers up for cheap

Microsoft has introduced a package for gamers that will be rocking a fully-supplied Xbox 360 this October for an inexpensive sum – this package containing everything a user would need to make total use of their gaming and multimedia-playing system. This pack will be popping up for $79.99 and will be containing no less than a basic wireless controller, an HDMI cable, a remote control, and 3 months of Xbox Live Gold. This package will be priced at $55 lower than you'd normally pay for each of these items on their own.

This package will be set up for the gift-giver who knows their friend or associate well enough to see that they don't have any of the accessories beforehand. If you're a keen-eyed gamer, you'll likely have several or all of these bits before you see the package in the first place – and you likely got them cheaper as well. The HDMI cable alone should cost you no more than a few bucks if you know where to shop, for example.

For a family member though, or a youngster with no cash of their own, this package will be fabulous for a holiday gift. Releasing this package in October give you plenty of time to pick it up for the late-year gift giving of your choice, and the price should put it right up there in the top-tier Santa collection, too. Don't forget to grab the actual Xbox 360, too.

Note that you'll be working with Xbox Live for 3 months with this amount of gold, and after that you'll need to pay your way forward. The remote control will help you play media of all kinds and work with your web-connected system with television software galore. The controller is, of course, a wireless controller, and needs batteries one way or another. Check the whole pack out soon!