HTC plans price slash at One series disappointment

It appears that the industry supply chain behind the HTC smartphone lineup has been vocal about the disappointment felt by the company at slow sales of the HTC One series. According to trusted sources speaking with MyDrivers, its not long now before the entire HTC line of smartphones will be discounted right from the source. This price cut will come not only for their Android set of HTC One devices, but for their new Windows Phone 8 smartphones as well, coming out later this year.

The HTC One series will continue to work with Beats technology, but Beats will no longer be integrated in future models, and Beats earbuds will no longer be included with any future models of any kind. The HTC One series has appeared on AT&T and T-Mobile with the HTC One X and the HTC One S this year, and the HTC One V has just popped up on one of its several carriers in the United States just this week with Cricket Wireless. HTC has recently reported that they've had a slightly less than impressive set of quarters in the earnings universe, and their competition has certainly ramped up in the last few years as far as Android goes.

The HTC One V is now appearing on several budget-minded carriers across the United States, the HTC One X is only on one carrier, and the HTC One V is only on one carrier. There's an EVO 4G LTE device out there living inside this One generation without the brand name, and Verizon has a new HTC device in the Droid Incredible space. It's a disconnected space, that's for certain.

Have a peek at our timeline of HTC's recent earnings reports to track how they've done over the past year. With the HTC One series appearing to be a master-stroke of genius earlier this year, it's hard to see the manufacturer struggle here in late summer. As it stands, HTC's only choice might be to keep up the vertical integration game that they started with HTC One – it's the trend, and it certainly seems to work – ask Samsung!

[via Unwired View]