The Daily Slash: November 2 2010

Chris Burns - Nov 2, 2010
The Daily Slash: November 2 2010

The 4G speed explosion is apparently in full effect. Yesterday was the Sprintsplosion and today it’s the T-Mobilsplosion. It’s a complete explosion of speed, and there’s some lovely devices to come with. A gigantic review of the European based HTC Desire Z, an On Time Analysis of the U.S. Cellphone Market, and a robotic snowman who’s got not only a Droid 2, but a Droid X for Verizon that he wants to show you. You’d better let him!

SlashAnalog Your Daily Slash category for the day is wonderfully Analog, and this is just that. What we’ve got for you today is a video of the reality inside one (and almost certainly many many many) playing card factory. What you’ll see is a series of workers packaging boxes and boxes and boxes of cards. Each box is taken from an unfolded stack, then filled with the correct amount of cards which are taken from a large stack of these cards placed in order. See how they always grab the correct amount, every single time? That rocks. Welcome to the future?

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R3 Media Network

Walmart Now Deliever You T-Mobile LG Optimus and Motorola Defy
myTouch 4G Pre-order Now Available For Current T-Mobile Customers [4G!]

Android Community
Robotic Snowman Shows Off the Droid 2 and Droid X for Verizon [Video]
HTC myTouch 4G Gets Shown Off in Training Videos [4G!]
WD Photos App Gives Users Remote Access to their Entire Photo Library [FREE!]
DROID 2 2.3.20 update available now to everyone
Sprint Releases $39.99 HDMI Dock for HTC EVO 4G
8pen Keyboard looking to innovate the way Android users type

T-Mobile HSPA+ Enabled 4G Network Now Hits Over 75 Metro Markets [4G!]
Windows Phone 7 Seeing Supply Shortages Internationally
Table Connect for iPhone Brings iPhone’s Interface to 58-Inch Multitouch Table [Video] [HUGE]
7-inch and 10-inch Creative Ziio tablets get official in London
77% of Android devices on Eclair or Froyo claims Google
Michael Dell says development for Windows Phone 7 is easier than Android
Apple iPhone 5 NFC plans include remote Mac access claims source
Smartphones by the Numbers Now 28% of U.S. Cellphone Market [ON TIME ANALYSIS]
iPad grabs 95% of tablet market share as Android readies its assault
Samsung Galaxy Tab suffers indignity of video teardown
Shhh! Chrome OS Releases in November!

Shh! Secrets and super sultry sandwiches of tomato topped electronics! To see more Daily Slash posts, click here: [The Daily Slash]

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