Table Connect For iPhone Brings iPhone's Interface To 58-Inch Multitouch Table [Video]

The iPhone's 3.5-inch display is, at least to Apple, big enough for normal every day usage. And there's probably hundreds of thousands of folks out there who would agree with that (even if larger screen devices are becomingly increasingly popular), but sometimes you just want to do your photo viewing on something bigger. And not just bigger, but something you can still interact with in the same way you would with your iPhone. Luckily, the 58-inch multitouch table exists, and it's the real deal.

There are two guys in the video, which you can see in all of its glory below, and they show you just how well the huge "table" works. As you can see, by plugging in the iPhone, and running an application, you can interact with your iPhone right on the table. The gentlemen go through the process of swiping through pages on the Springboard, and even opening up the photos application. The only way to make it work is through the connected cable, as WiFi isn't supported.

The process is smooth enough, and considering how well it works, there was no doubt that some people out there would cry out that this is all fake. It doesn't seem to be a fake, but it's perfectly possible that someone could dupe the world with some work. If it is real though, the translation from the iPhone to the table is great. Check out the video below to see it in action.

[via MacStories]