HANNSpree XV GT LCD TV – budget range digital TVs

How digital are they? They come with a built in DVB-T tuner, this thing is so ready for the switch.

However, if you live in the UK and want to get a new TV that prepares you for the switch, but you don’t have coverage of the digital signal yet, its ok, this TV still has an analog tuner too. The DVB-T tuner will support all the freeview channels, and you can go into interactive mode too, but no Freeview Playback support.


Hitachi UT Series LCD TVs – Thin and light, but full of features

You don’t believe its thin and light? Well peep this, its 35mm thick, that’s a number, then for the lightness, look at the runway model carrying one and stopping to pose after strutting out with the screen in hand.

I am pretty sure a good sign of something being light is how easily a runway model can carry eat and still look good. Part of the reason its so light is because they’ve separated the actual screen, and all the other junk that usually comes built into back/side of the TVs.


Sharp Launching Aquos Line of Internet Desktops

The first in the line is the PC-AX30v with a 1.6GHz Celeron processor, 1GB of DDR2, and a 160GB HDD. That’s perfect for not doing much more than surfing the internet on and storing media one.

The second is the PC-AX80V which has the same specs but adds a TV tuner and HDMI input. This brings the desktop line even closer to being fully integrated into your home theater.


Japan getting new PSP

They are also getting a new PSP bundle that bundles some extras along with a 1Seg tuner. The bundle also includes a stand and a 1GB memory stick PRO Duo.

The other bundle just has a 32MB MS Duo and loses the stand as well. That’s the only two ways you can get this new limited edition “Deep Red” PSP.


Roberts Radio Robi

Those probably aren’t the three R’s your parents told you to learn in school, but they are the three R’s that bring you digital radio for your iPod. It also acts as a remote for the iPod, allowing you to control the iPod using this in-line device.

And, like I said, you can listen to DAB radio with it. One of these days we might see something like DAB stateside, but somehow I doubt it.


Nintendo Japan dropping 1Seg tuner for DS Lite

It has dual antennas and catches 1Seg signals. The video will be viewable on the top screen with the controls being on the bottom one.

No word on whether it will support the programming guide info that is built into the 1Seg signals or not. But hey, they are just doing what the PSP already can, which is ok, because the DS has a better implementation of it.


Sharp SH-920 Aquos cell phone

Who would have ever thought that a cell phone would ever have a better screen than my TV? Well it’s happened, and I feel the urge to go into early retirement/hiding now.

This cell phone has a 3.2 inch screen with a resolution of 480×854, a contrast ratio of 2000:1, and support for up to 26 million colors. Oh yeah, there is also the standard widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio.


Rumor: Xbox 360 might get HD-DVD drive, somehow

Alright, so not too long ago I reported on a potential new SKU, the Xbox 360 Ultimate which was supposedly going to be the Elite, but with an integrated HD-DVD drive. That, so far hasn’t happened, but this new announcement could give way to just that.

Or, they could just bundle the current separate HD-DVD drive with an Xbox 360 Elite since they probably have a ton of HD-DVD drives just sitting around. Although the drives have been selling like crazy thanks to all the rebates, price cuts, and other deals.


Plextor’s portable HDTV tuner reviewed

Portable TV tuners have reached such a low price point that one of the only ways for profit-seeking manufacturers to turn is HDTV; for the entertainment-seeking road warrior, that means a new generation of portable television that promises super-high resolution.  However, with even standard definition tuners sometimes suffering from poor quality except when used with a fixed aerial, the difficulty is not in building the USB dongle itself but an antenna capable of receiving a strong enough signal.  TabletPCReview picked up Plextor’s PX-HDTV500U to see if it could manage.



DMB-T TV tuner for the PSP gets reviewed

So the PSP can play games, play all sorts of media, be hacked to play emulators, and can do GPS. Now, thanks to those geniuses that Sony seems to be raising from birth, it can also play wireless television signals on its screen.

All it takes is a nifty little adapter that connects to the top of the PSP that has a telescopic antenna for the best reception. The picture quality is reported to be great, most of that was attributed to the handset’s amazing screen.


Newtrend Electronics Produces Nameless PMP With DVB-T

First off, I want to state that I am perturbed by the fact that we still don’t have this wireless TV technology over here, sure the fact that the number of people per square mile in most oriental countries is considerably higher, allowing for a larger customer base for short range wireless devices, but still. Anyways, they have been blessed with another portable TV equipped with DVB-T and a 7” screen.

The DVB-T even supports the EPG programming guide and teletext. There is also a lengthy list of codecs supported, starting with WAV, AAC, MP3, WMA, M-JPEG, MPEG1,2,4 , JPEG, and DivX.


Bang & Olufsen DVD 2

Bang & Olufsen are at it again with a new version of their DVD player. Once again, this isn’t the most attractive DVD player, but its feature set makes it well worth it.

This DVD player provides near-MCE level functionality. It has a DVD player and recorder, a TV tuner/recorder, and an integrated HDD for storage of media.


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