Bose Launches Wave Music III, Wave Radio III With Digital Tuner

Bose has launched its third-gen Wave music systems today with the Wave Music III and the Wave Radio III. They use Bose's proprietary waveguide speaker technology, which lets the small one-piece systems fill rooms with detailed and full-bodied sound. The new Wave music systems also include a built-in DAB digital tuner and improved FM/AM tuner.

The Wave Music III and the Wave Radio III are nearly identical except that the Music can play CDs, while the Radio is limited to its radio tuner but can play digital music from your other accessories, such as an iPhone or iPod. It can also play music from your computer and any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet.

If you have a CD collection that you'd like to play from, then the Wave Music III lets you play from any CD or MP3-encoded CD. It uses a slot-loading CD player to keep the Wave Music III design simple and elegant.

Both systems offer Touch-top on/off/snooze controls and dual independent alarms. They also now include built-in DAB digital tuner for international radio and improved FM/AM tuner. Prices start at £599.95 or $499.95 for the Wave Music III and £529.90 or $349.95 for the Wave Radio III.

[via Bose]