Permian MOBView Bluetooth TV tuner for smartphones: Video Demo

Permian have been showing off their Bluetooth TV tuner, which allows digital television to be watched on a smartphone.  The MOBView is a small, relatively featureless box that supports both DAB and T-DMB broadcasts and streams the content via Bluetooth to your handset.Check out the video demo after the cut

The MOBView is battery powered (with a removable power-pack) and aside from a power button there appear to be no controls on the tuner unit itself.  It looks to come with a separate TV app for your Windows Mobile smartphone, which allows you to search for channels.

Range and resistance to interference both seem good.  Details on the MOBView are scant, with no suggestion of when (or if) the product will reach the market, and if it does so what sort of price tag it might carry. 

[via UberPhones]