Grace Digital Tuner Wireless Radio & Media Player Announced, Available Now

Evan Selleck - Jul 27, 2010
Grace Digital Tuner Wireless Radio & Media Player Announced, Available Now

You’ve probably got some means of playing music in your house. Whether it’s an old-school CD player (is that already “old-school?”), or your iPod connected to some kind of home speaker system, by now you’ve probably got the situation taken care of. But, if you’re looking for another option, or you’re still looking for that potentially perfect situation, then here’s an option from Grace Digital. Their brand new Tuner Wireless Radio & Media Player will let you plug it directly into your stereo system, and gain access to a plethora of listening options.

This media player will let you access SIRIUS satellite radio, as well as Pandora Internet radio, along with access to your personal music selection as well. According to the press release, it will also let you listen to up to 30,000 Internet radio stations, as well, but it doesn’t go into detail about how it will let you find those stations. (Hopefully that will be in the manual.) You can even pick up Podcasts, as well as WiFi radio content.

The system itself has a built-in Ethernet port, as well as integrated WiFi 802.11g connectivity. As you can tell from the image, the Tuner looks about as basic as it could, with that black surface and those silver knobs and buttons, but obviously the connectivity options and Internet-enabled system makes it stand out amongst the music listening crowd. You can pick it up from Grace Digital’s website, or from many various retailers around the country. It will only set you back $219.99.

Press Release

With the look and feel of a classic stereo system, Tuner streams Pandora, SIRIUS, & even your own music collection, bringing internet radio to your home stereo

San Diego, Calif. – (July 27, 2010) – Grace Digital Inc., a leading brand of wireless indoor & outdoor audio solutions, unveils a new addition to their line of internet radios, the Tuner Wireless Radio & Media Player. Simply plug it into your current home stereo system and instantly gain access to 30,000 internet radio stations, podcast and on demand Wi-Fi radio content. Like all Grace Digital internet radios, Tuner supports a variety of services including Pandora Radio, NPR on-demand, iheartradio, and SIRIUS. Grace Digital’s Tuner Wi-Fi Radio & Media Player is currently available for $219.99 at

By connecting directly to your home stereo system the Tuner Wi-Fi Radio & Media Player provides superior sound quality and access to internet radio stations and services from all over the world. With a built-in Ethernet jack and a true 802.11g wireless connectivity, set up is quick and easy. The Tuner’s classic style and simple design seamlessly blends internet radio into your current home audio setup. Plug it in, turn it on and enjoy a world of music from Grace Digital’s family of services including Reciva, iheartradio, CBS Radio, Pandora, Premium SIRIUS Internet radio, Live365, MP3tunes, NOAA, and NPR. Users can also wirelessly stream their personal collection direct from their PC or Mac to their home stereo. The Tuner comes equipped with a full function remote control or download the Grace Digital Audio Remote Control App to control one or more of your Grace Digital internet radios from your iPhone, iPad and/or iPod Touch.

Now shipping, Tuner is available for $219.99 at and various retailers throughout the U.S.

“The Tuner Wi-Fi Radio & Media Player is the perfect way to play your favorite music from around the world conveniently through your home stereo,” says Grace Digital Audio’s Chief Marketing Officer, Greg Fadul. “No need to stream music through a low grade iPhone/iPod dock, small computer speakers, or low quality internet radio. Listen to your favorite stations and music services through the same high quality system you use for all your other home audio needs.”

To request additional information about Grace Digital Audio, please contact PR Representative Brad Hobbs at (305) 576-1171 x19 or by e-mail at To learn more about Grace Digital Audio, go to

About Grace Digital Audio

Based in San Diego, California, Grace Digital Audio is a designer and manufacturer of connected home consumer electronic products including, Internet radios, USB archival solutions, media players, wireless speakers and other indoor/outdoor communications products. Grace Digital’s family of services includes Pandora Internet Radio, SIRIUS, iheartradio, Live365, NPR, and CBS Radio. Grace Digital Audio sells its products through major retailers, ecommerce sites, dealers and distributors throughout North America. To learn more about Grace Digital products please visit them at

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