1-Seg TV tuner & battery accessory for Japanese iPhone 3G

When the iPhone first came out, many pundits suggested it would be pretty much ignored in Japan where high-tech mobile devices are commonplace.  That, of course, ignored the legendary Apple lust-factor, and the sheer usability of the handset; however, it's proved tricky to ween the Japanese public off their feature-overload, and so, caving to public demand, carrier Softbank have announced a 1-Seg TV tuner for the iPhone 3G.

As well as mobile digital television you get a battery capable of powering up to 3hrs of continuous 1-Seg viewing, and which recharges in 2-4hrs.  It plugs into the iPhone 3G's dock connector with a suitably long cable so you can hide the tuner in a bag or (capacious) pocket. 

By the time it launches in mid-December (Japan only, obviously) there'll be a free 1-Seg program in the AppStore to use it with.  No word on price or monthly subscription costs as yet.

[via SlashPhone; images via Akihabara]