Sling Media release ethernet-over-powerline adaptor

If I were building my own house then I’d have hidden rooms behind bookcases, a dungeon and a room especially for teleconferencing – oh, and ethernet ports all over the place.  It’s a fact of life that as our lives get more and more computer-dependent, the means to connect the gadgets up become trickier.  Wireless salves some problems, yes, but there’s no denying the stability (and security) of wired connections, especially when it comes to bandwidth hungry applications like streaming media.  Sling Media, makers of the lovely SlingBox, recognise that not everyone has an RJ-45 socket by their TV, and so they’ve come up with their own ethernet-over-powerline adaptors.



Slingbox and Apple TV hook up

When Steve Jobs announced the Apple TV, a lot of people started braying for a one-on-one deathmatch between it and the Slingbox.  Since then, reviewers and news-peddlers invariably describe the two as being in vengeful competition; the question is clear: are you an Apple or a Slinger?  But over at Sling Media they’ve obviously not been told about this great rivalry; they’re too busy hooking up an Apple TV to a Slingbox PRO and using it to stream iTunes audio and video.


SlingPlayer Mac Went Gold

I’ve been using the beta version of SlingPlayer Mac for couple months already. Aside from little annoyances, it worked pretty well. Now the final 1.0 gold has been released and Sling Media added support for controlling Apple TV.


Stream media from your Apple TV to your cell phone

So the Apple TV has been released, and for the most part had fairly positive reviews, especially from the hacker community. Now wouldn’t it be cool to stream content from your Apple TV to your phone? As of now, we haven’t heard anything from Apple on such a thing happening. But don’t worry, the makers of the SlingBox have something in the works.


Sling Media to offer IPTV: SlingCatcher

Engadget are jumping the Sling Media CES gun a little and take a look at the SlingCatcher, the media streaming company’s latest device which, rather than squirting your TV out across the net, instead acting as a client for the traditional Slingbox but also receiving video from online content providers and displaying it on your TV.


Working in tandem with some computer-based bridging software, the WiFi-enabled device will output through HDMI, component and USB, although the details of potential content providers is still unknown prior to the mid-2007 launch.

Provisionally priced sub-$200, among the options will be a hard-drive to download and store purchased content.  This is nothing new, but Sling Media are obviously hoping that their growing market share and reputation for easy set-up and addictive functionality will give them the edge.

Zatz Not Funny! [via Engadget]

SlashGear Giveaway Update: Slingbox AV Prize-Winner’s Review

SlashGear Giveaway Update: Slingbox AV Prize-Winner’s Review

If there's something we love here on SlashGear, it's happy prize-winners. Remember our Slingbox giveaway last year? Well, one of the winners - Kerry Woo - has taken the time to review the Slingbox AV that dropped through his letter-box. Is he happy? You bet he is!

From the classy box design to the straightforward setup (thanks to a handy WiFi Game Adaptor), all the way to his streaming-TV excitement, Kerry seems decidedly happy with his new toy. We're hoping to get another giveaway going sometime soon, so keep watching SlashGear and you could be a chuffed as Mr Woo!

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SlashGear Giveaway – Winners Announced!

We had nearly 100 entries for our Slingbox Giveaway contest that started last Friday, and lots of great feedback as to what you’d like to see featured on the site in news and reviews.  Needless to say, you’ll be seeing the results soon; we also hope to have another giveaway running in the near future.

But first, the winners!  Our computer-of-randomness randomly selected Edwin Tjhai as winner of the Slingbox AV and Kerry as winner of the Slingbox Tuner.  We’ll be contacting Edwin and Kerry via email.


A big thank you to SlingMedia who kindly donated both prizes, and to everybody who took the time to make a suggestion.  Keep reading SlashGear for our review of the Slingbox, which is coming up soon!

SlashGear’s Slingbox AV Giveaway!

SlashGear’s Slingbox AV Giveaway!

SlashGear needs your help, people! We want to give you the finest news and reviews, and to do that we need to know what you enjoy reading about. Are you into cellphones, or does the latest in laptoppery float your boat? Is it GPS you hanker after, or would you rather read all about RC helicopters? And just so it's fair, we'll give someone the chance to win a fantastic Slingbox AV media streamer, courtesy of our beautiful friends at SlingMedia. Worth $180, the Slingbox AV will let you watch content from your cable, satellite or PVR via the internet on any number of compatible devices.

Update: SlingMedia have kindly offered a Slingbox Tuner as well, so we now have two prizes to give away.

Entering is super-simple. All you have to do is leave a comment to this post, making a suggestion of what you'd like to see SlashGear review. You can make as many suggestions as you like, but you'll only get one entry. Closing date is Midnight EST on Wednesday 28th November, at which point one commenter will be picked at random to win the Slingbox AV and one to win the Slingbox Tuner. Since we'll be contacting the lucky winner via email, please check to make sure you've typed it correctly; if we can't get in touch with you then we'll give the prize to some stray cats to cheer them up. Sadly this is open to US residents only, as the Slingboxes we have are the US models.

SlingMedia will ship the Slingbox AV and Slingbox Tuner directly to the winners of this giveaway.

Good luck!

SlingBox Pro Reviews – HD Supported With External Dongle

SlingBox Pro was released last month and Ryan from Engadget is lucky enough to have it for review. The Pro SlingBox comes with HD support, but don’t jump over the moon yet, it doesn’t use HDMI and you will need a dongle that will cost you $50, which means you will need to throw out around $300 to get your SlingBox Pro to work in HD. While the dongle have a HDMI connector, it will NOT accept HDMI input. I agree with Ryan, I think it’s silly and might mislead consumers.

Slingbox PRO hands-on (plus AV and Tuner) [via engadget]

Three New Slingboxes Coming Out From Sling Media

Sling Media will be launching three new models tomorrow, the Slingbox Pro, Slingbox AV, and Slingbox Tuner. The Pro is the higher end model that has an optional HD input adapter. Widescreen (16:9) support, high quality programmable video compression and full control of up to four A/V sources. The AV model gives you control over your digital cable, satellite or DVR set-top box. The Tuner is for standard basic cable that doesn’t require access to a set-top box, DVR or other AV devices. The Pro is priced at $250 and the AV and Tuner are priced at $180.

Sling Media Drops Three Slingboxes for the Holidays [Via: CrunchGear]

SlingBox Price Cut to $149.99

Hot on the heels of our story this morning about the HAVA Video Streamer set top box, it appears that Best Buy has begun selling the Sling Media SlingBox for $149.99 starting today. The device normally retails for $199.99, and while this doesn’t appear to be a Sling Media-initiated drop, why would Best Buy want rid of these devices so badly? Is it possible that we could be seeing a new SlingBox debuting soon? Or is it just a sale that Best Buy felt was a good idea for this week? Only time will tell…

Best Buy Product Page [via jkOnTheRun]

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