Poseidon Mk IV Discovery – dive system recycles O2

Using a Lithium-ion battery, some CO2 scrubbers and oxygen cells they are able to extend the amount of time you are able to spend under the water. No word on how long you can stay underwater as that’s got to be at least partly depending on the size of battery and size of your air tanks and how you breathe, but sometimes even just a half hour is enough to see the fish you went down looking for in the first place.


MWg adding UMPC and smartphones to their repertoire – way to stay ahead of the curve MWg

MWg was formerly known as O2 Asia, which hasn’t made anything new in a while. Even better yet, they are going to try and tackle the biggest competitors in that area, names that even US citizens are familiar with.


Nokia adding RFID to phones in the UK

In a trial with O2, London Underground, and Nokia, they are offering up a few phones with built in RFID tags to be used with payment systems. Its not a new idea, it was just decided a while ago that it was a rather bad one.

So what makes Nokia think they can do something different enough to make it work better? Personally I don’t think they can, I am all about making the contents of my pocket fewer and fewer and simplifying the payment process, but I am also totally against RFID except for the tracking of cargo, items in a business, applications where tracking people, and attaching the tech to money are not combined because I’ve read about the extreme lack of security regarding RFID.


OQO dropping something new out of the blue

OQO, the makers of the original UMPC’s the OQO 01, 01+, and new 02 models (the O2 is called the E2 in Europe due to the O2 network provider). Yeah, those guys, they’re dropping something new.

It is apparently regarding a “significant Anytime/Anywhere Computing” release. Gizmodo has been further informed that it’s not just a model 02 update, but something entirely new.


iPhone launches in UK

As I type it’s just turned 6.02pm GMT, which means Apple Stores and branches of O2 and Carphone Warehouse in the UK will be overrun with eager iPhone buyers – that’s right, four and a half long months after the iconic Apple cellphone went on sale in the US, finally those of us over the pond have the opportunity to try it out for ourselves.



SlashGear Review: O2’s minimalist Cocoon cellphone

Cocoon, if you remember, was a film about a bunch of cantankerous elderly people who discovered the alien key to prolonging their life; with that horrible thought in mind, I grudgingly agreed to review O2 UK’s Cocoon cellphone, fearing that at any moment a trio of elderly men might leap out and deliver a touching message about not marginalising the old.  Thankfully, O2 have been a little more up-to-date with their latest own-brand handset, and while it’s nowhere near perfect have still managed to inject it with a bit more life than some rivals.


New iPhone UK ads

That’s right, we have video. The ads are pretty much the same as in the US, only with UK cultural things in place of the US.

For example instead of the video of the iPhone surfing the NY Times, its surfing The Guardian. There is also a gentleman with a UK accent doing all the spoken parts.


Apple Event – London, September 18th Photos

Hey we have pictures! The link to the gallery is here.

So for those that are more visually stimulated, or those that can’t read all that well, we are here to accomidate. There are tons of pictures starting at before we even got in, all the way till the end and beyond.


Question and Answer at Apple Event

We have a video of the Q and A, its in processing, we will post it as soon as possible, but for now, we have a text summary below.

First off, the one I, and likely everyone else, was most interested in, Why no 3G? Steve basically said they like their 8 hour battery life with EDGE, 3G drains that too much, so they are going to wait until they can get at least 5 or more hours of battery with a 3G chipset.


UK iPhone Announced, O2 is the Carrier

They picked the best carrier, which is apparently O2. The price of the iPhone will be 269 pounds. They will be available in November.

Apparently they picked the carrier that felt most like “home” which was O2. The ads are literally the same as the US ones, just interchange a bunch of US only stuff with UK stuff, for example the O2 logo, the NY Times for the Guardian, etc.


O2 XDA Denim 3.5G smartphone shows up at FCC

Now this is more like it – if you want decent leaked cellphone photos, then the FCC are the people to go to.  Today’s tidbit is the O2 XDA Denim (formerly known as the O2 Helen), but don’t worry, it’s neither fabric covered nor strategically ripped.  Instead, it’s a WM6 smartphone with tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, single-band UMTS/HSDPA, WiFi in b and g flavours and Bluetooth 2.0.



O2 Cocoon – The designer phone gets unboxed

O2 Cocoon – The designer phone gets unboxed

Reported two months ago, the O2 Cocoon designer phone is now available in UK offered by O2 telco. The O2 Cocoon is a stylish black and white clam shell design phone with smooth lines that is loaded with functionality. The Cocoon features an intuitive music interface and compatible with Windows Media player allowing you to easily manage your music with internal memory for approximately 500 tracks, supporting AAC, AAC+, WMA, MP3 and WAV.

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